How we began

Allowing facts ... not spin, to do the talking!

Quaffers was founded by a group of business and professional friends concerned that public policy had become hostage to political spin. They met to establish a new vehicle for public policy discussion and debate.

They decided to establish a gregarious luncheon format, that would allow disparate views to come together in a convivial, rather than a combative atmosphere, and encourage civilised debate. 

The name they chose for their forum captures that spirit - Quarterly Assembly of Fine Fellows, Epicureaans & Raconteurs - QUAFFERS!

Quaffers members meet quarterly to address important policy challenges of our times - like climate change, defence, overpopulation, water security etc. Debates are led by guest speakers, chosen and invited for the purpose because of their recognised expertise in the field.

For over 13 years 'Quaffers' has been letting facts, not spin, do the talking, to better inform public policy and discourse. The Quaffers private luncheon format has allowed members across the political divide to become, and remain close friends. Members  must condemn political toxicity and encourage bonhommie between all members and guests.

STOP PRESS! 'Quaffers' now invites contributions, of no more than 1000 words, on key public policy issues. Contributors are asked to provide details of their background and any special qualifications or experience, along with an email contact address.

Contributions should be emailed to ...                           

The quality of contributions will inform a decision by our editorial team to publish, or to invite a contributor to participate in or even lead a policy debate. Outstanding contributors may be invited to join our ranks.